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"A beautiful adventure story. Ideal bedtime reading for little ones, entertaining for children and their parents!"

M. Flewitt, parent
The Adventures of Cave Girl

Cave Girl Gets Dinner

A unique personalised children's story designed for curious, adventurous and fearless explorers.


Hello, I am Cave Girl!

Would you like to take your child on an adventure of a different kind? 

Help your daughter's imagination to find herself amidst the stone age surroundings seeking food for her family. Transform this lovely adventure story into your very personal one by adding little bits of fun information about your little one and her picture, and we will do the rest. 

Your personalised storybook will have the best little fun details for you to discover with your child – especially useful for teaching them to read by recognising their name. 

And there's plenty of space for your own message to look back to in years to come...

This is a great gift for any age!

Cave Girl 101

What can I personalise?

First, we will present a picture of our child ready to become the main character. 

Then we have a number of questions for you to spread throughout the adventure:

  • Name of your child
  • Child’s age
  • Is it a boy or a girl? (We have both styles available, so this is just to double check :-)
  • (This is your space to add a personal message to your child… could include the occasion and who it’s from.)
  • Colour of the background for your message (if blank it will be light blue for boys and light rose for girls)
How many pages does the book have?

The story is laid out over 28 pages including cover.

What's the finish of the book?

The book is made with a hardcover gloss finish, giving it the best chance to stay in good condition with busy fingers of your little readers.

Is the book environmentally friendly?

The book is published, printed and bound on FSC paper. This paper is manufactured from pulp sourced from forests that are legally and sustainably managed.

What picture format can I upload?

You can upload .jpg files, just make sure they are high resolution. If you are struggling, send us a message and we can help you further.

"...thank you, it's brilliant, was trying to get a photo of her reading it for you but she was too excited to sit still 😂. Will try again after school when she's calmed down a bit 😁"

Robyn Clarke, parent

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